Omnivore vs. Vegetarian    |    Jeep vs. Toyota    |    Southern California vs. Pacific NW

On the surface, Thuy and Tracey are opposites but when you scratch the surface we have common passions for cooking, dogs and travel. We met during the Inaugural Rebelle Rally and a friendship blossomed from our mutual life philosophy of... life to the fullest by having new experiences. 

The name Dandelion Adventures was selected as the dandelion symbolizes happiness and the presence of an inner child who often forgets to play and have fun in her everyday life. A broad definition of the word "adventure" is used to include any opportunity for personal growth including outdoor activities, career changes, learning a new skill, travel and even new food experiences. 

Thuy (twee)
Title: lost dandelion
Resides in:  Irvine, CA
Hometown: Dalat, VN
Nickname: sweet pea
Previous Jobs: real estate appraiser/auditor, marketing manager, yoga instructor
Favorite Color: blue
Astrological sign: I thought I was Sagittarius but now I'm Ophiuchus, the 13th sign. I can't even pronounce the word.
Dream job as a child: flight attendant
On the weekends I like changes depending on my moods. 
Best advice ever received: it takes a bigger person to admit you're wrong and say "I'm sorry"
Personal mantra: no regrets, everything is a learning experience


Tracey (TRAY-see) :-)
Title: chief dandelion officer
Resides in:  Kirkland, WA
Hometown: Strongsville, OH
Nickname:  Jellybean
Previous Jobs: scientist, clinical researcher, project manager, massage therapist
Favorite Color: always changing but this week it is pink :-)
Astrological sign: virgo according to the new NASA zodiac system
Dream job as a child: truck-driving, piano-playing veterinarian
On the weekends I like, go for walks, garden and bingewatch cooking shows
Best advice ever received: say “yes” to opportunities more than you say “no”, even when it feels a bit scary
Personal mantra: A dream without a plan is just a wish, but a plan without a dream is just a task.



Wyatt (why-et)
Title: dandelion ambassador
Resides in: Irvine, CA
Hometown: Downey, CA
Nickname: Handsome boy
My daily "jobs" include: morning snuggles with mom, walk/play, eat, poop, sleep
Favorite Food: seefood. I see it, I eat it
Astrological sign: capricorn
My dream day would be: walk/play, eat, poop, sleep
On the weekends I like to... do whatever my pack is doing
Best advice ever received: leave it!
Personal mantra: if you can't eat it or play with it, pee on it and walk away