Tracey's Rebelle Rally Recap featured in Evergreen Hospice Newsletter


In October and for the second time, I took on the Rebelle Rally (, an off-road navigation competition for women. The competition included 36 all-female teams consisting of a driver and a navigator maneuvering mainly Jeeps, Toyotas and Land Rovers across 1200 miles of dirt roads, double tracks and sand dunes of Nevada and California. No cell phones, laptops or GPS technology was allowed, and we were only able to use provided maps and compasses in search of hidden markers. This year my new partner drove her 2015 Jeep Rubicon named “Princess” and I took on the role of navigator. When we crossed the finish line, we ranked 17th overall (which was an improvement from last year when I finished 20th ). While the actual competition was an extraordinary experience that really challenged me, it was just the cherry on top of the cake. The real prize was the opportunity to meet so many incredible women, most of whom I would probably never cross paths with in my normal life, including business owners, retirees, a food scientist, professional racers, several stay-at-home moms and even a bonafide rock star! All the women had their own unique personal stories and the rally was an opportunity to sit face-to-face and develop real friendships and make real connections with them. My favorite memory occurred during our marathon leg of self-camping in Dumont Dunes OHV. As my teammate and I started preparing dinner, we learned that several other teams were planning on eating a military MRE (Meals Ready to Eat). We had plenty of food (and boxed wine!) so several additional teams joined us in our meal of caprese salad and spicy-parmesan spaghetti cooked on a single-burner Coleman camp stove. Within a few hours, the size of our group had grown from 10 competitors to 20. Next, a guitar emerged and several competitors (including the rock star) began singing and improvising lyrics describing our Rebelle experience. As the night progressed, the group swelled even larger and was filled with laughter and stories. While we all initially came together around our love of the outdoors, off-road driving and the challenge of oldschool navigation, we left a tribe of women friends who continue to support and cheer each other on even after the rally. Rebelle On, Ladies!

Water Crossing in "Princess" 

Water Crossing in "Princess" 

At the Finish Line (Tracey on the left)

At the Finish Line (Tracey on the left)

Story from our Healing Hippy Contest Winner, Shelley Krehbiel

Hi, here's my story.


My life is awesome, I win stuff all the time, and this time it was a box from The Healing Hippy through the girls at Dandelion Adventures.

Because I live on the road, I don't always have a good mailing address.  That was the case when Thuy told me I won...we were leaving Cedar City for New Hampshire, then going to Texas...we missed the deadline for the package to arrive in Texas, so I suggested mailing to Scottsdale, because my friend, Trisha Hammer, was headed to Colorado Springs to see me at our next stop.

I messaged her to let her know, then promptly forgot.  On Thursday as they are leaving Phoenix, she tells me it never came.  No worries.  On Friday, we are all headed to dinner, so I checked the arrived on Monday...that's weird.  So after dinner, I ask Trisha.

No, nothing came.  Ok, it would have been from Dandelion Adventures, would have had some Hippy....I couldn't remember the name.  Trisha's eyes got huge..."Oh my gosh", she exclaimed repeatedly.  It came, it's awesome!  She raised her arm and said "do you want to smell?" And we all laughed.

You see, the package came addressed to her and she opened it, inside was the product and a note that said Congratulations, so she promptly started trying it out.  The deodorant, the lip balm, everything!  

Here's the best part.  Trisha had been searching for an all natural deodorant for the past six weeks, she had bought several, but they all left her a little riper than she wanted to be. Phoenix hit 120 degrees the week she started using the Healing Hippy and she didn't stink! She was so excited.  She had already checked out the website and planned to order more, she had told everyone about it.  And if you know Trisha, that is a huge number of people.  She is a beacon of positivity, so people gravitate to her.

I know that my life is so good, and things happen for a reason.  This box was meant to go to my friend...she was a little embarrassed when we figured out what happened...I am thrilled, she deserves the best.

Thank you Dandelion Adventures and The Healing Hippy for the chance to have some laughs with my friend.