We were Team #156 in the 2nd Annual Rebelle Rally.

October 12-21, 2017

The Rebelle Rally is an all women's, off-road navigation competition beginning in Lake Tahoe and ending in San Diego. For 7 days, Thuy and Tracey will transverse back roads, single tracks, OHV areas and sand dunes while attempting to find checkpoints and accumulating points. Navigation is done old-school via a map and compass. No GPS or technology allowed. We competed in the inaugural Rebelle Rally in 2016 on different teams but this year we have teamed up, with Thuy driving her 2015 Rubicon "Princess" and Tracey navigating. 

Come along on our latest adventure and follow our progress as we plan and train for this event. There will certainly be highs, but we will be sure to post about getting lost, getting stuck and getting dirty as that is the fun stuff!

Featured Sponsor:

Flagstaff Training June 2017.JPG



4wd Training & Nav Practice

June 23 - 25, 2017

Flagstaff, AZ


Check out the Rebelles in the inaugural Rebelle Rally presented by Hoehn Adventures as we made our way to the finish line and earned our badge as trailblazers for the next generation.